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It all starts with a powerful design

A design that appeals to your customer, is where your real traffic will come from. 99% of your customers will leave your site in the first 7 seconds if they do not find what they want, or like what they see. 

That's where BGS Web Design comes in. After nearly 14 years of website design and development, we know what works (and increases your revenue), and what doesn't and leads people away from your website. We have tried, and tested and analyzed global visitors for years, and best of all - our experience will pay off when it comes to increasing your profits.


At BGS Web Design we will work with you closely to develop a unique look (and feel) for your website that portrays your company in the proper light. One that keeps them coming back to read more about you, and eventually (usually after 7 or 8 points of contact with you) becoming your customer.

Real value in website design is not always found in the fancy, flashy or most amazing design. It is found in a design that represents your company to your customer, and that means more business and profits for you

We work in design phases to make sure that we are both thinking in the same way. After our design/development phases are complete, it's time for a mockup/overview of your working website. From there we will work with you in formulating ideas for how you should best market your website to achieve more traffic, more visitors and a greater revenue.

Here's a brief description of our design phases:

Phase 1 - Initial Research - In this phase we gather the details on your business and how you feel about presenting it to the world. We look at your current marketing materials and ask you questions about how you feel about specific design issues (that we have already thought through).

Phase 2 - Development - We now spend time developing a quick model, or mock up of your website that you can look at. If you feel that we are heading in the right direction and approve of our graphic design, we move forward with gathering the 'web content'.

Phase 3 - Content - It's now time for you to give us all of the graphics and web copy (we can also provide copy writing services if you require them) to us for including it in your website. We will keep you informed with a schedule throughout this process and a timeline of when you can expect your website to go live.

Phase 4 - Live Website Walk through - We have now completed your website and will present you with a walk through of it's features. This usually happens with one of our team calling you and giving you a 'web tour' of your working website.

Phase 5 - Marketing - At this point, it's time to start thinking about how you are going to 'drive traffic' to your new website. We can give you suggestions and ideas on how to proceed from here. It may require a significant amount of time (or outsourcing) to complete some of these steps, but it will certainly be worth it in the end.